World’s Richest Pets and Richest Dog

Gunther IV is considered the world’s richest dog and richest pets. His dad, Gunther III, was bequeathed a $124 million trust in 1992 when their owner, Countess Karlotta Lieberstein passed away. Since inheriting his former mistesses millions, Gunther III has passed on his fortune and legacy to his son Guther IV.


His wealth keeps growing as he has properly invested in trust funds and other ways to increase his income. He owns a lot of things which includes a villa too.

The German Shepherd has successfully bid on Madonna’s old Miami mansion and a rare white truffle. For the latter, Gunther himself attended the auction accompanied by two handlers. There are reports however, that Gunther may be a hoax.

Source : Topyaps.com and Creditcardpundit.com