World's Largest Centipede

Centipede literally means as "Hundred Legs" it was known as elongated metameric animals with one pair of legs per body segment. Despite the name, centipedes can have a varying number of legs from under 20 to over 300. Centipedes are nocturnal and usually remain under stones or wood during the day.


They are all carnivorous, eating smaller insects. One genus bears live young; the others lay eggs. Centipedes bite, and some can be dangerous to people by passing along bacterial infections. Before this we also write about the World's Biggest Dog, Largest Squid and so many huge sized animal here on this blog, So How about the World's largest centipede ever found?

The largest centipede found in UK was at about 9 inches long (about 23cm with 2 cm wide) by Mr Aaron Balick. then, someone in venezuela claims to have seen a centipede about 18 inches long (about 45,72cm). but just because humans have seen/caught centipedes this long, it doesn't make it the largest!


Beside that Centipede there's another huge centipede species that was found in Australia, it was ethmostigmus rubripes species which can reach about 16cm length. It is found in both dry and moist habitats, usually in sheltered places such as under logs, leaf litter and bark, and under rocks. It is solitary, terrestrial and a nocturnal predator. It is common throughout Australia, the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, Indonesia, Southeast Asia and China

Among all Centipede Species, it's the south american species named Scolopendra Gigantea "white-legged morph" ("Goliath Centipede") which is also listed as one of the biggest centipede species, Their head bears long antennae, jaws, and two pairs of maxillae used for food-handling. The biggest one was found from South America it has 13" length which is also known as the Largest Captive Centipede in the US. See the Video Below

Source : worldmustbecrazy.blogspot.com