World’s Most Expensive Perfume

The world is full of expensive stuff. The price of an item determines the target market, i.e. who can afford it, and who can just put it in their Christmas wish-list. So did you ever wonder which is the most lavish scent, and how much does it cost? Clive Christian’s $215,000 (Yes, $215,000) fragrance named Imperial Majesty (No.1) tops the list of being the world’s most expensive perfume.


Here’s the interesting part – the perfume is practically free… it’s the perfume bottle which costs $215,000! The delicate and intricate Baccarat crystal bottle has a 18-carat gold collar, with a five carat, brilliantly cut diamond affixed to it which alone would sell for $215,000. The bottle contains 16.9 oz of perfume which is a combination of white peach, jasmine, heart of rose, carnation, vanilla and much more!

Source : Didyouwonder.com