Damascus swords, The sharpest sword in the world

During this time, people assume that the sharpest sword in the world is samurai's swords. In fact, they are wrong. The sharpest sword in the world is the Damascus Sword.

Damascus swords

Damascus swords are very strong but still flexible. thus, the tip of sword can be bent to touch the hilt. Damascus swords are very sharp, even it can cut a europe sword very easily.

Based on research conducted by a group of scientists from the University of Dresden, reveal an extraordinary secret-existence of carbon nanotubes. Apparently without realizing it, the maker of this sword uses nano technology while forging a sword. Unfortunately, the technique of making this sword disappeared in the 18th century.

Damascus swords

Damascus swords made ​​from Damascus steel. This steel has a superplastic properties (the ability to experience permanent deformation without cracking up to 1000%).

Damascus Sword've used by the Muslim leader Salahuddin al-Ayyubi in the Third Crusade war against the Christian army that led by Richard the Lion Hearth.


Carbon Sword mengatakan...

Hello Dude,

These Swords were known to cut a rock in half without losing its edge and the next moment go completely through a man’s body with a one armed swipe of the blade. If that doesn’t make you run back home then you have other issues than need to be addressed. Sometimes fear is a good thing. Thanks for sharing it......