Largest iPod in the World

The world’s largest iPod can be found on Third Street in Columbus. It is a 25-foot iPod that is attached to the side of the Unizan Bank building across from the state house.

Image source : Sekedar-Tahu

Not only is this the biggest iPod, it's the biggest iPod that plays music—sorta. It's powered by an iPod shuffle, and is mounted on the side of the Unizen Bank building in Columbus, Ohio. People have been calling in with requests for the huge music player. The iPod is put up there by Columbus Alive, an entertainment and nightlife mag in Ohio. Entertainment and nightlife. We'll save you the $3 for the magazine and tell you that this right here—putting up giant iPods on bank buildings—this is as fun as it gets.

The giant iPod is powered by a small iPod shuffle in which Columbus Alive adds requests so everyone can enjoy the music from the world’s largest iPod.